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We provide consultancy in an organised manner to investor or homebuyers who have invested in any real estate project and due to any reason the homebuyer

  • Is not getting possession of their property in time or
  • Getting delay possession without legal compensation or
  • Not getting refund of their money with compensation.

We play a crucial role for our clients who have already bought properties and feel that they have not received what was promised to them. We analyse the specific case, the promises made and suggest best possible remedy available to them.

We try to understand specific needs of every individual client and accordingly apply a solution driven action.

Drafting of Complaint

Grievance of the homebuyer i.e Complaint to be filed with RERA court has to be in specified format with description of the specific case.

For drafting a good Complaint it is advisable to obtain some crucial information regarding the builder & the specific project. So to obtain those Information & documents we conduct thorough research.

Filing of Complaint

Aggrieved homebuyer can file a complaint with RERA for the followings:-

  • Not getting possession of their property on time.
  • Delayed possession without legal compensation.
  • Not getting refund of their money with compensation.
  • promised utilities not provided by builder / developer.
  • Possession not as per commitment of by builder / developer.
  • Various other reasons for which complaint can be filed with RERA.

We help our client file their compliant with competent authority to seek justice as per provision of the law.

Benefits of filing a case under the RERA

  • Chances of expeditious disposal of complaints.
  • Requirement of financial discipline by the promoters.
  • Transparency
  • No ambiguity in area measurements.
  • Promoters are liable for compensation for delayed delivery.
  • Adjudicating mechanism to be in place.

Argument of Case in Court

Once the Complaint is filed in RERA, the court will then send a complaint copy to the opposite party (Builder) and ask them to respond. Arguments of both parties are heard on the hearing date and then Order is passed by RERA Authority or Adjudicating Officer as the case may be.

Complaint in Consumer Court

Consumer Court (NCDRC) is a quasi-judicial commission set up in 1988 under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 to provide inexpensive, speedy and summary redressal of consumer disputes and grievances.

Complaints are filed with the Registry of the National Commission within a period of two years from the date on which the cause of action has arisen.

Supporting documents in favour of complaint e.g. receipt, voucher etc. (All the Annexures must be attested as True Copy on the last page with name & signature).

Once the application is submitted, the court will then send a complaint copy to the opposite party and ask them to respond to the complaint within 30 days and also to attend the admission hearing.

Complaint with Police

Aggrieved homebuyer can file a complaint with Police provided the Builder has cheated the homebuyers. Actually an FIR should be filed against the Builder/ Developer in the Police station. Practically its very difficult to file an FIR. If its not possible to file an FIR than a detailed complaint should be filed which is easy to file.

Execution of RERA Order

Once the RERA Authority passes an order for compensation and interest, the builder has specified no. of days to execute the order and provide the compensation and interest to the home buyer. This period begins from the date on which the order is served upon the builder and can be extended only if the builder provides substantial reasons to the authority.

However, there are several cases when the builders refuse to enforce the RERA order delivered by the Authority within time and home buyers are left without resolution of their grievance with the builder. In such circumstances, the RERA Authority can be approached to get the RERA order executed by the builder as per the provisions of Section 40 of the Act.

Section 40 of the RERA Act states that if a promoter, allottee or real estate agent  fails to pay any interest or penalty or compensation imposed by the adjudicating officer or the RERA Authority, it can be recoverable from such promoter or allottee or real estate agent in such manner as may be prescribed as an arrears of land revenue.